We are a family owned business that does its best to make every customer happy. We want to meet their unique demands. Many web hosting providers give you generic do-it-yourself (DIY) tools at pennies on the dollar. For some, this is OK. Especially, if you are computer savvy, enjoy designing and managing web sites, and have the time. However, if you need a gorgeous site that is somewhat different than your competitors and you need help managing it and have more than a few pennies to spend, then we’re here to help. Also, instead of talking to support agents in other countries that do not speak English very well, you’ll be talking with a native English speaker. All of our tech support staff knows our systems inside and out. We do not hire tiered support. In other words, when you need something you are talking with an expert all of the time.

  • Experience

    The owner of the company has nearly 30 years of IT and development experience. He hires only those customer service agents that are thoroughly knowledgeable of the entire system.

  • Personal Customer Support

    Everyone is special at Hostacopia. We try to get to know each of our clients so we can see how we can best meet their needs.

  • Zero Risk Guaranteed

    Our guarantee is this: if you are not completely satisfied after trying our service for 30 days, then you’ll receive a complete refund minus any fees for your domain name. Your domain name is yours to keep and we’ll be happy to transfer it to another web hosting service at your request.

  • Cutting Edge Technology

    We have extremely fast servers with the latest and greatest technology. You should experience no delay in accessing your web sites. If you do, we’ll work with you to fix whatever is causing delays.

  • The Web Hosting Community

    We are a community of users. Look forward to working with others and getting ideas from them in the future. We’ll be setting up blogs and other means of communication so that each client can benefit from the others.