New Product for Business!

In early Spring we will be releasing our new product. It will include a private shopping cart security certificate (SSL) and have a dedicated IP address.

What does this mean to you?

If you have a business that sells things on-line, you must have a security certificate. If you have a shared certificate, when your customer purchases something, he will be directed to an address, such as:

This is not very elegant. Let’s say that your business name is Blue Lagoon Fishing Gear and your address is:

If you have a private SSL, then you can have a shopping cart at:

Notice the only difference is between the http and https. The ‘s’ at the end of http means secure.

What is a Dedicated IP?

Every Internet address is translated into a numeric IP address. For example, google’s IP address is All of our web sites currently share our IP address at Hostacopia, but for a private SSL you must have your own. Our new product includes both the private SSL and the dedicated IP.